Message from Adviser

Prime Medical College, Rangpur was established with the permission from Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The medical college was affiliated with Rajshahi University and later on with Rajshahi Medical University as well.

It was a great challenge for the entrepreneurs to overcome the hurdles to establish such a medical college away from capital. In spite of the technical, financial and logistic constrains it became one of the best private medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Declaration of Article 15 of the constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh guarantees that health is the basic right of every citizen of republic.

To attain such a goal, competent health facility and skilled man power in health sector both are essential. Prime Medical College is committed to produce skilled and competent medical graduates who can face and combat the present health crisis and challenges.

I hope the recent merger with this well reputed organization will further enhance the opportunities medical colleges an international standard medical institute.

Alhaj Md. Abul Kalam
Prime Medical College, Rangpur