Message from Chairperson

Bangladesh has made significant progress in the health sector. Public and
private medical colleges, medical universities, specialized private hospitals,
rural health centers, and community clinics are all increasing in numbers. Despite these advancements, complete healthcare for the whole population
has not been ensured yet. 

Prime Medical College established with the objective of providing proficient gold-standard doctors who can serve both local and global healthcare requirements and will be able to tackle healthcare problems in the upcoming decades. Many breakthroughs have been achieved both in the medical college and hospital over the last 14 years since its inception, Aligning with the Bangladesh government’s target of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) objectives Entrepreneur has taken appropriate initiatives in health education and delivery system. 

Prime Medical College aims to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s accomplishment of the SDGs. To get through the target, the institute offers comprehensive clinical services ranging from primary health care to specialized and super specialized level. We hope to be able to make the medical college a center of excellence soon with the passionate cooperation and sincerity of all relevant sectors.


Farzana Afroze
Prime Medical College