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General Rules & Discipline for Students


1.       Office Time :  8.00 am to 2.30 pm.

2.       Class Time    :  Usually from 7.00 am and according to class routine.

3.       All students are to carry their Identity Cards when in the college.

4.       Migration from Prime Medical College to another private medical college will not be allowed.

5.       Students are expected to attend classes in clean and well dress with white apron with their names & monogram of the college.

6.       Fashionable dress, cosmetics, untidy hair, slippers are discouraged in the college campus.

7.       Rings, Bangles are not allowed as they are impediment in the practical classes.

8.       Smoking is forbidden in the college campus.

9.       Political activities are not permitted in the college. Violation of this rule is punishable.

10.    Any activity subversive of the state such a student will be expulsed from the college.


At the time of admission to the college, students and parents/ guardians will have to sign a bond that their children will abide by the rules and regulations of the college. Every student shall provide for himself/herself all the prescribed text books, dissecting instruments, and medical equipment. If there will be any difficultics Students will state their problems/ grievances/ inconvenience to their designated guide teacher/ supervisor teacher/ phase counselor subject coordinator/ phase coordinator & academic coordinator who will solve the problems of the students or will refer them to the principal. 


A Student may be expelled/suspended from The college register under the following circumstances. He/She may be re-admitted after solving/explaining the accusations made by the college authority or as per the decision of the academic council by paying a fee of taka 20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Taka Only)

a. Remaining absent from classes for more than four weeks without any notification
b. Non-payment of college dues like tuition fee, session fee, development fee, etc (within three months of the due date of payment)
c. Disciplinary ground, on the advice of the academic council


Tuition fee / Hostel fees are payable within 15th day of the schedule month, in case of failure to pay in speciSed time a Sne of taka 10.00 (Ten) per day will be charged.Instalments for any kind of fees, Sxed / oPered by college authority must be paid within the schedule month as per contract. In case of failure a Sne of taka 50.00 (Fifty) per day will be charged. If any student fails to pay tuition fee for a total of three (03) months or more his name will be erased from college register. The student will then have to seek re-admission on payment of full arrear dues and re-admission.


Students possessing attendance of less than 75% of total class held will not be considered eligible to participate in any card, term and professional examinations under university. Abstinence from class either lecture or tutorial / practical / clinical will be charged taka 25.00 (Twenty-Five) against each class. Fine is not applicable incase of 90% attendance. Student if remain absent for more than four weeks without prior approval from competent authority may be stuck out from attendance register. A sum of taka 20,000.00 (twenty thousand) will be charged as a fee for readmission. In case of absence / Leave due to illness or other unavoidable reasons, a written application through proper channel mentioning the reasonable/valid causes should be place to the principal for Final approval.


Migration from Prime Medical College to another college/Institution will not be allowed.


These are considered as acts of indiscipline and the ofenders involved are liable for punishment. On disciplinary grounds the following penalties may be imposed on a student, depending on the nature of the ofense. Penalty/penalties imposed on a student will be recorded in his/her Transcript/ Testimonial. a. Warning, b. Fines, c. Suspension from college classes, d. Expulsion from the college, temporarily or permanently, e. The cost of loss/damage to college/hospital property is liable to be realized by the student who is found to be responsible for the loss/damage of the college/hospital property, f. The authority reserves the right of cancelling the admission of a student who fails to show any satisfactory improvement after receiving three warning letters.